My Chinzi !

My Chinzi !
Chinzi was born on the 22nd of December 2006 in Durban, Natal, on the east coast of South Africa.

She spent her first few weeks with 8 other littermates, and lots of big dogs. Apparently she was the smallest in the litter. After both her sisters were picked by handlers who was part of the SA team who won the Large Team Event at the 2005 FCI World Agility Championships, one who owns her father Chi, Chinzi was put on a flight to Cape Town, and I met her for the first time at the airport.

She was quiet and shy all the way in the car, back to a show where all my agility friends were waiting to meet her.

Everybody loved her straight away, and in time she crept deep into the hearts of everyone who came to know her. She can entertain herself for hours by playing on her own with holding one toy in her mouth, and kicking a ball around with her feet. Chinzi is really a special girl and has lightened up my life.

Well, I can only hope she follows in her father's Agility footsteps! Watch this space! :)

KUSA Nationals - Reserve Flyball

KUSA Nationals - Reserve Flyball

Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Summer walks... Chinzi's back!

Here are some pics of a real happy dog, once again... As soon as she was allowed to run free, she started running around with a huge smile on her face, see for yourself...

Are you shy?

Stalking Beagles...

Sniffing with friends...

Catching some squeaky balls...


Going home for supper now! :)

Update from the forum...

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Kirsti Kingwill on Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:22 pm

Glendyr if you looking for any more rehabilitation cases you can always try Nilla. Also a real water baby. But for those who dont know. Annaret obviously does. Nilla has all of sudden shown some vast improvement and has even ventured back onto the agility course - jumping small height only but still its so wonderfull.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:14 pm

That is fantastic news - there is going to be a lot of swimming going on this summer - really hope she has turned the corner - she had sooo much talent & many people have asked me about her cos she stood out & made a big impression on them with her "agility ability"

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:56 pm

Am holding all our fingers, thumbs and paws this side for Nilla to come back with a BANG! She's definitely looking better by the day and SO SO happy to be doing what she loves, that I hope she can continue enjoying the sport in competition level soon.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:15 pm

I am happy to announce that Chinzi made the 12 week mark (which was yesterday) in absolute fine style. We started trotting with tendon support about 2 weeks ago, building it up slowly and we are now trotting without support and running with support. Only short distances, but it's a start. I leave her in a down, then walk away and call her to me. Just far enough for her to not break into a sprint.

She is loving every minute of it and she is also jumping in my arms, to her great delight. So she is starting to "take off" without landing on full weight.Her weight has still not come down and is pretty much stable on 15.8kg, but hopefully as soon as she starts running more she will tone some of the muscle built up by the swimming. She is of course still swimming in full force and also enjoying it thoroughly. She's bouncing around freely on our walks now, and because she is such an obedient dog, it's not too hard to control her and keep her from sprinting, so far we are doing well.

We just had one near-sprint yesterday when Emma took off in full force after a bird and Chinzi could barely contain herself and wanted to follow, but obeyed when told to down. What an AMAZING dog! Levi's been walking on the leash for the last few days due to his slight limp, so luckily he wasn't too much of an instigator to excite Chinzi further. Happy to say he is MUCH better and his limp has disappeared. We will however still take it slow (if you can with a dog like Levi!) for another few days before we will go wild again, and hope for the best.

Next week Wednesday is the 3 MONTH MARK! Some vets would call it... "out of the woods"... and trust me, Chinzi (and me!) will be most happy to get there! She will then slowly start doing straight-line sprints, building it up to the end of the month, and hopefully at the end of the month, we will start doing low jumps, in straight lines at first. Turns, weave-poles and A-frame will wait till last. First we are going to see how she does over jumps and then slowly introduce slight turns, see-saw and dogwalk. Obviously we can't wait, but we are working with a plan and if we stick to it, our chances are best to get a good result.Almost can't believe we managed it so far so good, very very thankful for all the support and of course our angel, MARINETTE! Without her none of this would have been possible. Chinzi was treated at least twice, sometimes 3 times a week and everything was carefully monitored, controlled and planned. A stitch that was given a 1% chance of holding, is still holding!

My mom also deserves a MEDAL for her watchful eye on keeping Chinzi still in the early days and especially after the splint came off and she wanted to continue as normal, but couldn't. To keep Chinzi from running & playing around Beagles is a most DIFFICULT task, and my mom managed it every day while I had to work. Thanks to a MOM IN A MILLION!

Chinzi will be seeing the vet who did the op tomorrow for her yearly check-up and injections and I am sure he will be just as happy with the result so far. She walks normal and her toe is standing normal. All a near-miracle. Lets all hope&pray for this trend to continue, so that this SPECIAL SPECIAL girl can come back to Agility & Flyball with a bang, the stuff she loves and lives for!

Thanks to Glendyr, my 24h support and rehab centre, where Chinzi did most of her swimming over the last 10 weeks. I owe you big time, you are a STAR! I guess I'll have to make this a special Xmas! I'll have to buy David & Brandyn special gifts as well... David for having to continually dig hair out the pool pump and Brandyn who had to study with dog squeals in the background. Thank goodness his results were great! Chinzi sends hugs to all her friends and can't wait to see you all in 2009!

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by CLEO on Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:16 am

Hat off to you mom! Can just imagine how tough it could have been to keep her still for 3 months! I could not get Cleo to take it easy for 2 weeks when she got "snipped"!Gonna have to get some tips from Glendyr in the swimming department, I think Cleo was born in the desert - she is terrified of the see and the pool!Hava good weekend ya all!

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:54 pm


Chinzi has been doing some straight line sprints for the last 2 days, and so far so good! She's running more and more on our walks, and are down to 15.6kg already.The smile on her face says it all! She is a different dog since the moment I "let her go"... The first time she could run on the field without me yelling to stop her but actually encouraging her and telling her it's OK, she came back with a HUGE grin on her face! She couldn't believe her luck. Now she gives me even more kisses than before, she is just so so happy! She would still love to chase Beagles, balls and birds, but mom hasn't OK'd that yet, so for now she's just elated to be running free. The first few sprints really had me nervous, and I was watching CLOSELY to see any sign of favouring a leg or picking it up somewhat, to my relief, NONE of that! She is running fine, 100% normal. Now we will slowly build on that.

The first evening she was really tired compared to our walks of late, which just showed me she is by no means running fit, she might be swimming fit, but running fit is another story & that's what we will be working on in the coming weeks.It is somewhat difficult by not being able to throw a ball, or for her to chase any movable object due to the upredictableness of the "bounce"/movement and we want to rule out any sudden stops/turns or crazy movements, which comes quite naturally for a Border Collie who only has one thing on her mind when chasing, stopping the moving object! So we now do lots of down stays and recalls over longer distances to get her to build up speed. In between she herds in circles at semi-full speed, which will hopefully help with the fitness.

Our walks as slowly starting to return to normal, and having been so different for the last 3 months, it is feeling quite strange, but very welcome.

Here's to Chinzi and a very prosperous 2009!

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Jean on Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:58 pm

FANTASTIC NEWS I am so glad to hear that Chinzi is running a little bit. Considering no one knew if she would ever be able to do that again, you must be ecstatic. What a wonderful Christmas and New Years present! Keep up the good work and may Chinz go from strength to strength. YIPPEE on her progress.Jean

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:59 pm

Thanks Jean! Definitelyl ecstatic! Will keep all posted on the progress.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:42 pm

Unbelievable & really Chinzi is very lucky to have such a determined & caring owner - Annaret even has my other half in awe & not a peep said about all the hair in the pool - miraculous on all fronts No looking back now - hopefully AWC 2009 here we come

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:09 pm

Some Chinz-Chels swimming action... taken some 3 weeks ago...

Some Chinzi sprints... taken today...Lookin' good!

Excuse the camera-man, still in training...

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Hilary on Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:28 pm

Wonderful new - a great result at the end of a trying year. As I always say - what you put in is what you get out. She'll do you proud in the near future - just watch!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Swimming update...

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:44 pm
Progressing to the beach...

Obviously Chinzi's not allowed to walk on soft sand, as sand is the most strenous on tendons. So she gets carried into the water and then enjoys herself THOROUGHLY!!! This session was at Struisbaai this morning.

We're hoping to have some more of this kind of fun during the month of December!

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:42 am
What a stunning beach & pics - that will have all "beach" addicts green with envy. Compared to our stint at the Lagoon early Saturday I have just realised that you were in the Indian Ocean - much warmer than my favourite spot. Trying to get my knee, & Megs, into the ice water was difficult & within seconds our ankles were blue making it hard to stay in for long. The dogs didn't seem to mind though & Chaos soon gained confidence & braved the sea even though Megs & I forgot about his short legs & looked back to find him spluttering as the waves were going over his head Sorry Chaos - you are a brave puppy indeed Drattedly neither of us thought to take a camera - next time
"The reason dogs are man's best friend is 'cos their tails wag & not their tongues"
Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Megs on Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:19 am
BEAUTIFUL photo's Annaret, she seems so at home in the water, just like chels.haha, I swear I thought my feet were going to fall off in that water Glendyr, although after a while it seemed to get better or rather I couldn't feel my ankles anymore!!Chaos is my brave boy, nothing really scares him (which im happy about) and he enjoyed terrorizing Glendyr's girls, especially Chels and Mocha. I can't wait for the day he dives straight into the water when we arrive at the beach!!Yes, we definetly need to take a camera next time. It was a fun morning walk indeed.
"I am the voice of the voiceless"

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Jean on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:24 pm
Hi Annaret and Chinz
I don't envy you this rehab one bit as I know how long it takes and how painful it is for us humans who just want our girls to be back to their normal selves as quickly as possible. But keep at it. It seems like forever, but you do get through it, eventually. Remember, it has only been 6 weeks since her injury, so she is doing remarkably well in such a short space of time.Hang in there and know that your friends are all rooting for a full recovery.
Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:31 pm
Of course & what would Chelsey do without her swimming pal ...hopefully we'll be keeping this up for quite a while - it's good to see Chelsey competitive how do we get that happening out of water This morning at crack of dawn headed for the lagoon & found a beautiful spot to swim in the December we should be able to unwind all the dogs with icy Atlantic massages - good for people too.... so Hilary you can join us & we'll have you back on your toes in no time. Annaret meanwhile has designed a pretty good 'agility' hydro-therapy pool session with smart turns & interesting manouevres so Chinzi never gets bored...who says you need dry land to train...even the chlorobouy makes the perfect "go round" item
Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:25 am
Thanks Jean! I am very happy with her progress up 'till now, but the last few days have been rather tough and I'm sure this will continue for another few weeks... as she thinks she's fine and just wants to go back to normal. It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep her from running, but we are trying our absolute best!
She had a very good swimming session yesterday, and is really getting swimming fit. She swims for almost half an hour, with short rests in between, and then she still wants to continue! Her toes are looking good and Marinette is positive at this stage.She's been swimming without her life jacket for a week now (5 sessions) and this has done wonders, as she's really working harder in the water. After gaining 1.2kg since her injury, she has now lost 100g in the last week, so looks like we finally are winning, moving in the right direction, with regards to weight.
She's also extremely happy and chirpy lately and increasingly wanting to play. It's hard keeping her from playing and being wild without dampening her spirit, but we're trying all sorts, letting her tug while lying down, which she is an absolute whizz at by now... even pulls Emma off her feet while lying down! All this is of course closely supervised and monitored, but she has to be allowed some sort of enjoyment and "normall-ness". She's been out on walks with us about 4 times now... she obviously has to stay in the car while the Beagles have a run, as I cannot handle all of them at the same time, so she's screaming her lungs out at times, but beginning to realise that her turn always comes, so she's becoming calmer during that now too. Once the Beagles have run, I take her out on a leisurely walk, or more just a sniff, and she LOVES getting out onto fields and under trees and sniffing around a little again. Am sure this is also what is helping to lift her spirits, as she's been hating every afternoon when I take the Beagles out for their walk and she has to stay home. When I put her in the car with them, it's like her whole face lights up and she SMILES!
Obviously can't wait for her to back to normal again, but realise it's a long road, and actually the time has flown and we are past the 7 week mark already! And to think there was a time when it was lying ahead of us like one huge mountain and I wasn't sure how I was going to get through one day to the next.
Thankfully the worst is over and things are looking good. We will continue to take it really slow, one day at a time and hopefully time will fly by and before we know it, this will all be behind us.It's been a huge learning experience for me, and I am all the much richer for it. Sad that it had to happen to my wonderful girl, but I guess it could have been so much worse.
Once again, thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes, the continual interest in her progress and assistance in whichever way possible. The biscuit treats, swimming sessions, hugs&kisses, bringing her friends around to socialise with her, all has done her the world of good. Thanks to all!
Enjoy your weekend and will keep you posted.
Annaret & Chinzi
by Annaret on Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:36 pm
The Chinz-Chels Swimming Races
Boy oh boy did Chinzi have FUN today ! Here are some photos of Chinzi and Chelsey having an absolute ball racing each other to their respective balls in the pool. Needless to say, there were lots of screeches/moans from excitment and splashes all over to get there first!
On the step...

Ready, steady......

Go! What an action shot by photographer Glendyr!


Back to the step.

We had an absolutely lovely entertaining time watching this competitive duo and I think the two Collies had the time of their lives!

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:15 am

Wow, what a fun way to unwind after yet another incredible brain-twister agility course design by Ian ( show class @ Cape Handlers) - no idea how he just produces one after the other & my list of sequences "i cannot do" is now very, very long

The dynamics & interaction of our swimming duo above was just such unbelievable fun ( especially from dry land - photographer's privelege - that water is FREEZING ) & the competitive relationship that has developed is not only entertaining but has brought out some amazing character traits we would usually never see in our dogs. Chelsey has found her niche & the pool is even called "Chelsey's Pool" so maybe this is something we can continue in the future to help any others who have injuries...dogs that is - will run this idea by husband another time though

Fetching their balls / toys is something these 2 take with such seriousness & though the photos reveal a lot there were many other things we noticed during the session. On their breaks, if one goes near the pool steps, the other starts crying & if you look at the "Ready, steady" photo Chinzi's look is typical of the "start" ( it may seem to be one of worry - but not so at all ) - she won't take her eyes off opponent Chesley ( who she has quickly learned cheats & barges & flies the step to catch an early advantage ) & won't take her ears off Annaret as she waits for the signal to go.The effort the 2 of them put in with each "race" is also amazing & even on the return swim they roll their eyes at each other to check whether they are "winning".

The improvement in Chinzi's foot is quite incredible & those toes are looking fantastic - I think the smile on Annaret's face says it all - Chinz will be back sooner rather than later - of that I am certain

"The reason dogs are man's best friend is 'cos their tails wag & not their tongues"

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Hilary on Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:54 pm

stunning pics - lovely to see what progress you have made!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:51 am

I would like to thank the following people for not only freely giving their expert advice on Chinzi’s injury, but also caring, listening and truly making themselves available to assist in whichever way needed during her road to recovery:

Dr. Stephen Maberly BVSc (Hons) and Dr. Elzet Rossouw from Goedemoed and Durbanville Animal Hospital who performed the surgery on the day of the accident. Dr. Maberly left his kid’s birthday party in order to come in and perform the surgery immediately.

Charmaine, the veterinary nurse who with lots of love and care made sure that Chinzi’s splint and bandage was magnificantly prepared to last for the time necessary.The staff at Goedemoed Animal Hospital , in particular Gillian and Debbie, who never got tired of my phone calls and always helped where they could and as quick as they could.

Dr. Thomas at Durbanville Animal Hospital for researching homeopathic medicine specifically to aid tendon healing and prescribing tablets for Chinzi on my request.

Dr. Alasdair G Cameron (Scotland) - Managing Partner at Baker & McVeigh Clinic, International Equine Injury Specialists – giving expert advice on injury, healing and aftercare, access courtesy of Glendyr’s husband David.

Dr. Vere Allin (UK & SA) – Founder & Former Operator of Cape Vet Hospital - small & large animal clinic specialising in sport's injuries - a Goldmine of Information & experience. Retired but offered info & help with Chinzi anytime from now til whenever as special, special favour.

Last but not least, Marinette Prinsloo (Teeling) BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Animal Studies working with Chinzi’s rehab program. She also consulted various vets and specialists in order to provide the best guidance and treatment possible. Marinette is one of only two veterinary phsyios qualified with a Masters degree in the country.

For all these people I am truly thankful! Without you guys we would have been lost, but now we are content being in good hands and doing the very best for Chinzi’s health and happiness that we possibly can.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:43 pm

Whew... been so busy, haven't posted an update for almost two weeks!

Good news, still... so far so good. Chinzi is doing better than expected at these early stages of her recovery. I've learnt more about tendons than I probably thought I ever would, and for now there's nothing to complain about.

Chinzi has slowly started putting weight on the foot during the last 10 days, and we are now at the stage where she walks on it permanently. She's not allowed to run or trot yet, although she sometimes seems to think we are absolutely nuts in trying to slow her down! " 'cos mom, I feel fine! "

She is absolutely LOVING the swimming sessions. Since my last post she's been getting quite swimming fit! She sees Marinette for treatment and therapy every Tuesday and Thursday, then we try to work in some extra swimming over the weekends. Last weekend she had 2 good sessions on Sat and Sun. This week we're going to try do the same. Thursday this week was the first time she swam without her life jacket and she had to work much harder as she now had to keep herself afloat as well. She was very comfortable in the water, so all good. She's now kicking evenly with both back legs, which is great as it was understandably slightly uneven in the beginning. Today she had her second session without the life-jacket and she didn't want to stop swimming... she just carried on and on and on... I eventually had to hold her to rest a bit, as she was just ready and rearing to go again each time she brought me back the ball. She also raced Chelsey in the pool a bit, and that competitive flyball racing adrenalin could kick in somewhat in a safe environment. She absolutely loved having a friend swim with her and we'll probably have some more races tomorrow. She also practised her swimmers turn quite a bit, so watch out for Chinzi's return flyballers!

The only unfortunate thing at the moment, is that she picked up some more weight... she is now almost 1.5kg heavier than she was at the time of the injury of which about 0.6kg she picked up since she started swimming... Although she doesn't seem to get tired quickly from the swimming, she's obviously not getting the same exercise as she would with running, and probably building some muscle which also slightly adds to the weight. So, we look forward to her being able to start running... but that will probably be quite a while still. We will start with controlled jogs in the beginning, on leash and minimal amounts initially, slowly building it up, should the signs be favourable to do so.

Well, that's some news for now, will keep you posted on progress.

Thanks again for all the interest and care, it means a lot to us to know that so many of you are rooting for Chinzi's full recovery and thinking of her in this time.

Wags&Kisses from Chinz...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chinzi's Progress

Herewith, all the "action" as it happened taken from our Club's forum:

Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:31 pm

Wow the ups & downs of 2008 continue. Very sad to hear that Chinzi cut a back paw very badly today & had to be rushed to the vet for emergency treatment Naturally a huge blow to Annaret so close to the start of the "Champ" season as it seems the young superstar will have to rest for 6-8 weeks.

She has undergone surgery and is safely back home though still extremely groggy.I'm sure Annaret will be able to give clearer details as to the nature & extent of the injury.

Annaret, I'm truly devastated for you, but knowing the great nurse you are, I'm sure Chinzi will make a full recovery. My very best wishes to both of you - please give Chinzi a huge hug & keep us posted of her progress. Vasbyt

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:40 am

Thanks Glendyr. Chinzi mysteriously cut her back paw on something while playing with Levi yesterday around 3pm. Her paw bleeded profusely and my mom rushed her to the vet where I met them. It was a very deep, clean cut, but the vet set she could see tendon, which didn't sound good. She immediately put Chinz under anesthetic to assess the damage.

I waited anxiously at home for her call, which came minutes later with very bad news. Two of her tendons were completely severed, while a third was cut about 20%. The problem with tendon repair is that it never grows back, it has to be stitched and immobilised for 4 to 6 weeks to ensure best chances at recovery. A very high percentage of tendon stitching breaks when animals move too much too soon, and the chances are very slim of the stitch holding. Once it breaks, nothing else can be done to aid repair, and her toes might become "lame" and stand up, which will probably affect her agility performance a great deal. Needless to say, my heart is broken, as there's no way to turn back time to prevent this from happening. The only thing I can do now, is a near impossible task, to try and keep a very very active Border Collie as close to dead still as possible for a time period as long as 6 weeks!

At first when she came home, she was so groggy, she just slept, but as she came to, during the early hours of the morning, she was very uncomfortable and we were lying awake for almost the entire night. This morning she has been crying non-stop to try and get rid of the foreign thing (splint and bandage) on her foot and it took a lot of coaxing to get her to hobble on 3 legs to go do the necessary jobs outside. The process of acceptance has begun, but I can see a long road ahead. She will also be on calming medicine for the next 10 days.

After the 6 weeks of minimal movement, exercise can begin slowly, gradually increasing for the next two months thereafter, so Chinzi will not be competing again this year. I will be hoping and praying for a miraculous recovery and a fresh start in 2009. Will keep you posted.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Hilary on Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:29 pm

What dreadful news! I'm so sorry to hear about Chinzy's accident! I know you must feel flattened, and while this will be a set-back for you and Chinzy right now, I can't imagine that either you or her will let this stop you from achieving your goals in the long run. She's young, healthy and strong and I'm gonna take my bets that she'll recovery against all odds and bounce back. And then your achievements will be even sweeter! In the meantime, hang in there. I wish her a speedy recovery.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Sky Rocket on Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:58 am

Hi Annaret, so sorry to hear about Chinzi, however I have some very good news for you!!! Comet did the same thing to his left back leg when he was about her age too and thankfully hadn't started competing at the time. Needless to say, he competes with the best of them and although some of his toe's have turned up, he has made a full recovery. So don't despair my friend, Chinzi will be as good as new in no time! Keeping her quiet will be the hardest thing but I wouldn't stress too much about that either since the worst she can do is pull her outside stiches out, the damage to the tendon has already been done, and I can assure you, there's not much chance of those stiches holding the tendon's together staying put!! Been there, done that and ended up putting Comet through agony trying to save the tendons!! It just wasn't worth it, and in hindsight I wish I hadn't put poor Comet through all the pain and stress of 3 operations!!! He turned out just fine in the end :o)
Hugs to you and Chinzi, Sarah

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Mon Sep 22, 2008 8:37 am

Thanks for everyone's well wishes. We've really had a hard time up 'till now, with Chinzi having crying sessions in the early mornings lasting up to an hour before the calming medicine would kick in and these episodes really taking a toll on me... But I'm happy to report that this morning was much better than the last 3, so hopefully that means the pain is less and she's starting to accept the splint on the foot. 4 Days gone... 10 to go 'till outside stictches come out and bandage & splint gets changed. 24 days to go 'till splint comes off. 38 days to go until we can slowly start movement and perhaps hydrotherapy... it's a long road ahead, but we will hang in there and keep you posted of progress.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by lesleylerm on Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:23 am

Hi Annaret, I am also sorry to hear about Chinzi. Hang in there and look after her nicely. Keep us posted about her recovery. Rgds. Lesley and Candy

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:54 am

If you have been wondering, Chinzi has been doing slightly better lately, getting used to the splint on her foot and is quite capable on 3 legs. She is a little depressed though because she can't play like she would like to, but trying to keep her mind busy with "stationary" tricks and she seems to be enjoying whatever comes her way as long as it's in the form of attention and TLC. She will be going in at 10am this morning for a bandage/splint change under sedation, where they will also inspect how her wound has been healing and remove the outside stitches. Hold thumbs that all will be found well as can be. Will keep you posted as soon as she's home and have spoken to the vet. I also spoke to the physio yesterday, and sounds like we'll be able to start hydrotherapy after 6 weeks already, which will be sooner than I thought, but still waiting on expert advice from similar cases before we will make a call on it. Thanks for all the well wishes and kisses sent Chinzi's way.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:51 am

Really, really holding very tight thumbs this end & hope we soon have news that is
"The reason dogs are man's best friend is 'cos their tails wag & not their tongues"

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:08 pm

Good news, all went well. Chinzi's wound looks great, the outside stitches are now out, so perhaps she'll feel some relief at least, although a slightly bigger&bulkier splint is back on! She seems a little uncomfortable at the moment, but I guess it's only because it's a new bandage. She unfortunately developed some slight dermatitis on her outer (in-tact tendon) toe, because of the bandage, so instead of 2 weeks, she needs to go back in a week's time to check that it hasn't become worse. They have cleaned and treated it, so let's hope it doesn't become worse! Other than that she was very good, didn't scream or squeak the Animal Hospital staff's ears off their heads like the previous time, so she must have been a little more content (or perhaps sleepy) than the previous time. She also stood dead still while the Beagle "sniffers" sniffed her from top to toe on arrival home, as opposed to showing them pearly whites like the last time. Shen sends kisses to everyone and we hope the time flies until she will be able to use her foot again.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Kirsti Kingwill on Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:47 am

Ok never mind the email i see all the news is right here. lol. I am glad to hear that so far the recovery is going well.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:10 am

Update on Chinz... vet said OK to leave splint&bandage on for another week, so I am a bit relieved. It helps a lot while it's splinted, as she keeps it in the air herself. So probably next week, the hard times will begin. Some other good news is that she's only gained a total of 600g in weight during the last 3 weeks of not being actively exercising! We're hoping this trend will continue until we can start swimming, so we won't have too much weight to get rid off.

Chinzi is learning to identify different articles to keep her mind busy and we are having fun in some way at least. She would most certainly prefer to be chasing her ball, but she's so so so good, just accepts whatever mommy says and makes the best of it. I couldn't have wished for a better behaved patient. She's been off the calming meds for a day now, and we seem to be coping fine, so we are hoping they won't be necessary again. It's very hard for her not to chase after the Beagles when they hear something and run full speed out the door, but she obeys mom's command to lie down and stay. She's the most amazing dog ever!

Thanks for all the hugs&kisses sent her way, she just loves them and sends a whole lot of kisses back! Will be updating again once the splint is off and therapy starts.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Hilary on Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:04 am

testing patience is never a very nice lesson, A, but hang in there, I'm sure it will be worth it.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:57 am

The time has come for Chinzi's splint to be taken off... after numerous conversations with the vet and physio over the last few days, the appointment has been made for tomorrow morning 8am.

The vet will take the splint off, inspect the foot and make sure the dermatitis is under control. Chinzi will then immediately go swimming with the physio to give her a chance to be "wild" in the water, enjoying the "freedom" without the fear of tearing the tissue by putting too much weight on it immediately. This will also give the 4-week-long immobilised muscles around the injured area a chance to "wake up" without direct weight and strain on the healing tendon. Please hold thumbs for a successful session! Will report back tomorrow!

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Megs on Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:40 pm

Hi annaret, sad to hear what happened to your lovely girl!! although it sounds like things are going well so far. so even though i dont know you that well yet, i really hope everything works out well and she gets better in no time. Your hard and patient work will eventually pay off and im sure you two will be closer than before. Holding thumbs.
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Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Kirsti Kingwill on Wed Oct 15, 2008 4:01 pm

Good luck to the both of you dont know who needs our thoughts more. Sure Chinzi will be glad to be getting back to any kind of activity even if its just swimming. Will check for an update tomorrow.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:01 pm

Thanks for all the well wishes, we sure need it! This morning was a VERY interesting one indeed... first off to the vet for the bandage/splint removal... Chinzi was VERY good and lied quietly while the vet removed the bandage. She didn't kick or put up any fuss. The vet was very happy with what we found... said the dermatitis on the outer toe was much better than 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately she developed quite a lot of pressure sores from the bandage, but I was assured this is very normal and will heal quickly once given the chance to dry out.

Now Chinzi's foot was "free", but still we had to keep her from putting any weight on it, so I carried her to the car. The journey from Durbanville to Panorama was quite a taxing one, as she wanted to stand up quite a few times, and I had to pull over the car to make her lie comfortably again before we could continue. When we arrived at the physio she came out to meet us, and off to the pool we went.

Marinette is an absolutely amazing lady, and I have to thank Jean for referring me to her! She first assessed Chinzi's toes and was very happy that they are not standing up at this point, which meant the scar tissue that has formed has knitted with the tendon, and so far so good. Still a long road ahead, as all this can still tear, even 6 months post-op, if correct after care is not applied, things taken very slowly and of course, even if all this is done, there will always still be that possibility, as the newly formed collagen fibres will never be as strong and well alligned as the original tendon. She showed me how to massage the toes, 6 different things I need to do every day now, very slowly and gently. Then it was time to put on the wet-suit and Chinzi's life-jacket. Chinzi was just SO SO SO good, she never kicked or fussed, she just went along calmly with everything we asked of her. Into the swimming pool, and immediately those feet started kicking. She swam about 3 sessions of 30 seconds, with a short rest period in between. Then the last 3 sessions she was allowed to fetch the tennis ball for me and bring it to the side where I would throw it again and off she'd go. Needless to say, Chinzi had a "ball"... excuse the pun!

Out the pool, and off on the lead, with support under her tummy to prevent her from putting full weight on the foot. She sniffed around and when we lied down again, was quite happy to be allowed to lick her foot for a bit. Some ultrasound treatment was applied and more stretching/massaging. Finally our first session was over. I think Chinzi enjoyed it, I learnt a lot and this might become one of her favourite places over the next few weeks.

We will be back tomorrow and 3 times next week. Hopefully by the end of next week, she will be OK to put weight on it and will be allowed to walk normally (on lead of course), albeit slowly.

For the next while it's going to be really hard to care for her, as she will not be allowed to "run" free in the house as she had been the last 4 weeks. Although she had to be kept still all the time, because her foot was in a splint, she couldn't move her toes and almost never put it down, so she could "run" on 3 legs and do a lot more than she will be allowed for probably the next 2 weeks at least. She will be crated most of the time and only allowed out on lead, with tummy support to prevent her from putting full weight on the foot. It's going to be hard, and a slow process, but hopefully one day, it will all have been worth it.

She is very tired at the moment, and after I cleaned her wounds when we got home, cut some sticky hair away and applied some ointment, she has been sleeping like a baby. The Beagle noses had a sniff at the foot, with Chinz slightly pulling lip at them, but all understood and they keep their distance, giving her her space. We will try to take some photos tomorrow with her in the pool, and post them together with the next update.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Kirsti Kingwill on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:13 pm

Glad to hear all is going well so far.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:18 pm

& so the end of this year we will be dog & human "injury PRO's" I think ! Would using a "flyball harness" + collar maybe help you get extra lift & stop her putting full weight on the toes? Am sure at last she must be so happy to have some freedom & energy release & lucky for you she loves swimming.
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Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Hilary on Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:55 pm

thanks for sharing all your news with us. Your unfortunate experience is an education to us all. I hope Chinzi will grow from strength to strength and as I said before - eventually, your accomplishments will be even sweeter.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:22 pm

Thanks again guys, it really means a lot to us to know there's people who really care out there! Glendyr, I don't think the flyball harness will help, perhaps if it was a front foot, but being the back foot, she will probably then just want to put more pressure on the back legs to "pull" away. The harness really only help me lift her in front. I have a nice "thing-a-ma-jig" I cut out of a green shopping bag, physio's suggestion, and it works like a charm. I just keep her weight in front of her back legs slightly lifted as she walks, so in the event of her putting her foot down, it will not have to bear full weight yet. She's still very much holding the foot in the air, so for now it's going well, as we don't want to rush the process. The more swimming sessions she can have to help strengthen the muscles first, the better for when she eventually starts putting weight on it. Physio said, slowly phase it in over 3 days or so. She's finding the "thing-a-ma-jig" a bit funny, but also slowly getting used to it. We will be going for walks in the next 3 days like that, so she better get used to it!

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Dawn Hall on Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:40 pm

Hey, just wondering if the South African "thing-a-ma-jig" is the same as the Canadian "doo-hickis"?? Hang in there Annaret

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:33 pm

Cannot picture your thinga-ma-jig at all but will be very interesting to see more I think about it, it is starting to sound like what we "horse people" would call a sling. Would never have thought of adapting that idea to dogs but of course it should work perfectly... we live & learn

The main thing is - YOU sound much happier & that will be good medicine for Chinzi too
"The reason dogs are man's best friend is 'cos their tails wag & not their tongues"

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:05 pm

Had no idea what a Canadian "doo-hickis" (doohickey) was... but after I googled it, realised it's spot-on! The dictionary even gave, gadget, contraption and "so waar as wraggies" THINGAMAJIG as synonyms!!! So thanks D, I have learnt something!

I think you've hit the nail on the head Glendyr, as Marinette works with horses a lot, so the idea probably came from there anyway... it is more like a sling yes, and I can lift her hind as much as I would deem necessary as we walk. I probably sound happier as I could spend the whole day with my Chinster! And of course I like the swimming a lot... just a pity I couldn't take leave EVERY day! Also must say, the spring weather is helping a lot as well to lift the spirits. Maybe also feel like something is finally happening, and the fact than I can now SEE her toes, also helps! At least we're moving in some sort of direction, although still a long road ahead...'till tomorrow...

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Jean on Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:32 pm

Hi Annaret. So glad to hear that Chinzi is doing better and that you are now going to Marinette. It was a pleasure to introduce you to her :) I have to take credit for the sling as well... invented it when Gemma had her hip replacement last year and when I showed it to Marinette when I went to fetch Gemma from hospital, she asked if she could use the idea for all her other patients. Glad it is working for Chinzi too :) Anyway, I am thrilled to hear that Chinzi is doing so well, and I hope she learns to love the pool / swimming, though it sounds like she does already. I love going there too - perhaps we should set up a tea room - LOL

Love and hugs to Chinzi, from the Pack.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:29 am

Brilliant Jean! The sling is working so very well. Thanks again, and yes, maybe we should arrange back-to-back sessions sometime and have a picnic under the tree by the pool. Looking forward to our next session 10am this morning.

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:49 pm

Finally Imageshack cooperated. So here are some photos of Chinzi's session this morning:

She was so excited when we arrived at the centre she obviously remembered yesterday and she squealed with delight! Once in the pool she grabbed the closest leaf out of playfulness and brought it to me.

Go get the ball Chinz!

Bring to me...
Just look at those hind toes stretch!
Resting on the step...

Straight to her new "friends" in their cage...

But when they didn't want to come out and play, she thought she'd stay and keep watch...

The session went really well, and will try to get a photo of the thingamajig for you later! Next session next week Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Admin on Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:49 pm

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Glendyr on Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:28 am

Well done Brandyn, very sneaky of you spying our "private hydrotherapy attempt" yesterday You are SO lucky there are none of me on screen - "make-upless", scruffy & of course wearing my beloved gumboots for fear cold water went on my feet...I was a sight for sore eyes.

A snapshot of Annaret in her nifty wetsuit would have been a treat for all to see
"The reason dogs are man's best friend is 'cos their tails wag & not their tongues"

Re: Cheer Up Chinzi !
by Annaret on Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:42 am

Well done B! Really appreciate the "sneakiness"... nice surprise to see Chinz in her OWN lifejacket enjoying the water. Have to thank Glendyr & family (dogs included of course!) for accomodating us for a private session. Chinzi really needed it, as she has started to put her foot down more and more and obviously, the more she swims, the better. It would have been a long wait from Friday to Tuesday without a swim. Much appreciated!

Thanks to David for assisting, Brandyn for "sneaking" pictures... and of course J, Chels and Mocha having to sit locked in the room, and last but not least, Bandit having to stay put in his "hokkie". At least I threw some ball for you guys afterwards to make up!

Also a HUGE thanks to Kirsti for the use of her wetsuit, I think I would have still been blue today if it wasn't for that! I must say, those things are AMAZING! I didn't feel the cold one bit... and the car said Sunday morning was roundabout 15, 16 degrees at the time I arrived in Flamingo Vlei for our swim.

Thanks guys, all is much appreciated! Chinz enjoyed it, once again slept like a baby when we got home and the foot is looking better and better as we go along. Will keep you posted on progress.